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Everything To Know When Event Catering

Taking on event catering can be a strenuous task, especially when you have a large group to consider. If you are looking to cater an event or multiple events in the near future, there are a few things to keep in mind before you make any permanent decisions. If you’re planning on special event catering, read our blog here!

Establish Your Budget

With any event, there is a budget set aside for food and catering. When you start the breakdown of your catering budget, you need to know exactly how many plates you will need and what that cost will be per person. If you are doing a per plate, then your prices will also include the service of preparing the meal, since these will be individual plates. If you opt for a buffet-style menu, then the cost is less because the caterer can cook the food items in bulk, and consider a cost of person per weight instead of an individual plate.

If you are planning to also serve appetizers and beverages with your meal, these need to also be included in the overall cost per person or plate. Also, be aware that the higher quality protein and appetizers you opt for in your menu will increase the cost per person. Your caterer can use a tiered pricing option if your guest list exceeds a certain number or falls within a tier. This price range is based upon materials, overhead, and supply for the event catering meal. For a more in-depth guide read our post, How to Budget for Catering.

Have Menu Options For All Guests

Not all of your guests like the same foods, so options are essential, especially for larger events. There are some guests with certain lifestyles that need to be accommodated, and a caterer is aware of these menu options.

Options For Vegetarians

Having a meatless plate is essential for your vegetarian guests who will be in attendance. In order to get them to participate in your event, they need to feel included and be a part of the group. If you knowingly have vegans or want to be sure, you can have a vegan meal prepared that is completely plant-based and will accommodate both vegetarians and vegans alike.

Options For Kids

The pickiest of eaters are almost always kids, as they have a simple menu that they like to abide by. Your kid plate does not have to be as elegant as the adult plate. A simple macaroni, chicken tenders, or cheese pizza will be more than enough for little diners.

Know How Much Food To Order

Once you know how many you will be feeding the event catering, there is a serving guide to consider per person. For example, major proteins that are scooped are measured in ounces, whereas tacos should be counted in how many per person.

  • Protein — 5 oz.
  • Individual Piece Protein — 3 per person
  • Tacos — 2 per person
  • Sides — 3-4 oz.

Always error on the side of caution and add more if you are not sure. You would rather have plenty than not have enough. For more information read our full blog titled, Catering Tips: How Much Food to Order.

Choose An Experienced Caterer

When you are hosting an event with a lot of people, you do not want to stop and worry about the food. Before you hire a caterer, take into consideration reviews and experiences from those in your area who have had success with catering an event where their guests were happy, the food was delicious, and it was within their budget. If you are having an event in or around Clinton Township, consider hiring Chef Raymone for your catering needs. A Michigan staple, Chef-Raymone is a true professional at his craft. Contact us today for more information.

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