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Corporate Business Event Catering: Budget-Friendly Ideas & Tips



corporate event catering

Make your next event a success with customized corporate event catering. If you haven’t taken advantage of this type of catering service yet, you may be missing out. In this blog, we’ll cover what this service is, its benefits, and tips on how to stay within your budget.

What Is Corporate Event Catering?

Corporate catering is a service that provides food, drinks, and, sometimes, professional staff members. When done right, this catering service will bring your event together and help you create a warm, but professional environment for your guests.


It’s no secret that food can make or break an event. You only have one opportunity to impress your guests. Turning to professionals for corporate event catering can help you:

  • Experience Less Hassle: You’ll have a professional team taking care of all of your catering needs, so all you have to do is enjoy the evening.
  • Leave a Lasting Impression: You can leave a positive impression on everyone who attended the event, helping to craft a stronger brand identity.
  • Easily Accommodate Dietary Restrictions: When you work with a professional event catering team, you can create a custom menu that accommodates any dietary restrictions that your guests may have.
  • Build the Perfect Menu: A professional catering company offers a wide array of menu options, which can be customized based on the type of event you are hosting. 

How to Keep Your Event Catering Affordable

You are probably concerned about staying within your budget. Don’t worry—there are ways to make your next corporate catering event more affordable. Some of the most important tips you should keep in mind include:

  1. Work with a professional catering company. Professional caterers will help you build a menu that works well with your budget. That way, you won’t be surprised by the final bill. 
  2. Try not to make your menu too broad. Choose a theme. It is usually cost-effective to prepare certain items in bulk, but you will have a difficult time doing this if your menu is too big.
  3. Make sure you are upfront and honest about your budget. That way, your catering team can plan accordingly.
  4. Get an accurate headcount before you place your catering order. You do not want to order more food than is required or even worse, be underprepared. After all, hungry guests are never happy guests. 

The best way to make your next catering event as affordable as possible is to work with a professional company like Chef Raymone.

Get Cost-Effective Options From Chef Raymone

Founded over 25 years ago, Chef Raymone has grown in both size and reputation. We’ve significantly expanded our services over the years, which allows us to provide you with a wide array of budget-friendly menu options. 

Our corporate event catering services include drop-off packages, in-house catering, buffet options, and more. All of our menus are fully customizable based on your event type and other specific requirements. Additionally, we carry breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. We even have appetizers and snacks for your guests to enjoy before the main course! 

We understand that you want to keep your catering expenses within your budget, and we will work with you personally to make that happen. What sets us apart from other catering companies is our dedication to customer service. Experience it for yourself by working with us. 

Want to Learn More About Corporate Business Event Catering?

Learn more about the benefits of corporate event catering from Chef Raymone. When you work with us, you can expect on-time delivery, professional service, and high-quality food. You can view our menu options here. If you’re ready to request a quote, fill out our online form today, and we’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your event.

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