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3 Simple Catering Dishes Everyone Will Enjoy

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Whether you’re planning a work event or your own personal party, you already know that creating a menu is a huge challenge. In addition to working around food allergies and dietary restrictions, each guest also has their own unique food preferences.

If you’ve been obsessing over this challenge, wondering how you can possibly create a menu that everyone will enjoy, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is actually simple.

When it comes time to planning your menu, focus on customization. Start with a simple meal idea, and then expand on it. How could everyone attending your party customize that meal and make it their own?

To get you started, here are three simple catering dishes that can easily be customized.

1. Sandwich Trays

One of the best catering ideas for a large crowd is a sandwich tray. Think about all of the ingredients you see when you walk into a sub shop. Now, imagine all of those ingredients laid out on a beautiful platter for your next event. There are lots of different types of meat, bread, and cheeses you can put together. Then, it is up to you to decide what types of toppings you want to offer.

There are some people who want to create a sandwich that is so large it will be their entire meal. Then, there are other people who might be looking for a smaller sandwich to snack on. No matter what your guests’ food preferences are, they’ll be able to create something that they’ll love. 

*Tip: If you’re planning around food allergies and other dietary restrictions, be careful when you handle the food. Additionally, don’t mix any ingredients on your serving platters.

2. Tacos

Another simple catering dish is tacos. There are lots of different types of tacos available, so you can provide your guests with endless options. For example, there are some people who might prefer tacos with ground beef, while other people might be interested in chicken. You can also include fish, bean, and veggie tacos as well. Tacos are also incredibly versatile, as they provide you with plenty of topping choices as well. This includes tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and cheese. 

Tip: Label your protein, salsa, and hot sauce options. If there are vegetarians or vegans attending your party, and you are offering plant-based meat alternatives, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly labeled. Additionally, guests may have spice sensitivities, so be sure to label which salsas and hot sauces are mild. If you have a lot of hot sauces available, you could even add a visual aid that shows the Scoville measurement of each hot sauce. 

3. Barbecue

Lastly, a barbecue-themed menu is also easily customized. There are a wide array of regional barbecue sauces and protein options you could add to your menu, as well as seasonings and dry rubs. If you have any vegetarians or vegans attending, you’ll want to have a plant-based meat alternative as an option.

In addition to the main entrée, you’ll also want to think about sides you can include on the menu, including coleslaw, beans, macaroni and cheese, and salad. 

To avoid cross-contamination, be sure to clean the grill in between use, or have multiple grills available for each protein option, and keep ingredients separated. It may also be a better idea to have each guest create and cook their own food. 

Tip: If any vegans are attending, you’ll want to properly label each barbecue sauce as some sauces may contain honey. It may also be a good idea to label which sauces are tomato-based and which are vinegar-based, along with the spice level of each sauce. 

Do You Need More Easy Catering Ideas?

Regardless of who is coming to your event, you need to make sure that every guest has something that they can eat.  If you need more easy catering ideas, or you’re not sure how to create a menu, reach out to our team at Chef Raymone. 

Founded over 30 years ago, we specialize in providing affordable catering services in Michigan. We understand how difficult creating the right menu can be, which is why we’re committed to helping you find the right solutions for your guests. Every menu we create is fully customized based on our client’s needs and preferences. Fill out our online form today, and let us know how we can help you. 

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