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Catering Ideas for Graduation Parties


One of the most exciting moments in a young adult’s life is when they graduate high school. But, for parents, it’s often a stressful and challenging time—especially if party planning is involved. Graduation parties can be the highlight of a young adult’s last school year, but if it’s not planned properly, it can quickly turn […]

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3 Simple Catering Dishes Everyone Will Enjoy

Catering at a corporate conference

Whether you’re planning a work event or your own personal party, you already know that creating a menu is a huge challenge. In addition to working around food allergies and dietary restrictions, each guest also has their own unique food preferences. If you’ve been obsessing over this challenge, wondering how you can possibly create a […]

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How to Cater to These 4 Common Special Dietary Restrictions


When you’re planning an event, you’ll ultimately be faced with the challenge of planning an inclusive menu for your guests. Most times, at least a few guests will have dietary restrictions, and maybe even food allergies. This can make the task daunting, and sometimes even frustrating. But, it’s not an impossible task.  In this guide, […]

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