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How to Cater to These 4 Common Special Dietary Restrictions


When you’re planning an event, you’ll ultimately be faced with the challenge of planning an inclusive menu for your guests. Most times, at least a few guests will have dietary restrictions, and maybe even food allergies. This can make the task daunting, and sometimes even frustrating. But, it’s not an impossible task.  In this guide, […]

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5 Affordable Catering Ideas


Are you planning a major event? One mistake event planners make is avoiding catering altogether, deeming it “too expensive.” Catering doesn’t have to be expensive, though! In fact, there are plenty of affordable catering food ideas you can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at a few of them.  1. All-Day Breakfast One of […]

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The Top 4 Corporate Event Catering Trends of 2022

Catering at a corporate conference

For a while, corporate events were put on a standstill as concerns regarding COVID-19 and social distancing took over the world. Now that the worst of the pandemic finally seems to be behind us, in-person events are quickly regaining popularity. However, event catering isn’t how it used to be. In this article, we’ll highlight the […]

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