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Catering Oakland County, MI


What Type of Event Does a Michigan Catering Company Handle?

When you think of catering, you might think specifically of corporate events and weddings. Chef Raymone catering in Oakland, MI, handles those events…and so much more! Events large or small, private or professional, formal or casual, we handle it all. Guests of all ages will be satisfied with our completely customizable special event packages for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Check Out Our Menu Options

Whether you require catering services for a large party or an intimate family gathering, we are ready to serve you. Choose from a wide array of delicious and fun options that include the following:

  • Breakfast Menu
  • Light Party Menu
  • BBQ Menu
  • Appetizer Menu
  • Full Buffet
  • Luau Menu
  • Salad Bar
  • Lunch Menu


Come to Us, or Let Us Come to You

As a Michigan catering company, we also maintain the Washington Lions Banquet Center. Tucked within a quaint park setting, this is a beautiful hall with a wooden dance floor and seating for 295. It is fully operational and perfect for corporate meetings, funeral luncheons, graduation parties, wedding receptions, or whatever your special event may be.

Of course, if you’d rather arrange your own venue, we’ll arrange the menu according to your specifications and bring the party to you!

The menus for the Banquet Hall are similar to the special events menus; however, not all those options are included, and the Banquet Hall also offers its own unique options:

  • Sunday Shower and Luncheon Specials
  • Late Night Munchies
  • Family Style Dinner


Think Outside the Box

When catering a wedding, we treat our clients and their guests with the elegance befitting such an important occasion while keeping things affordable. When catering a corporate event, we provide high-quality food at special corporate rates.

But don’t feel you have to limit yourself to those two types of events. We are here for you for all your special occasions. To find out more about hiring us for any event, please contact us 586-465-0299.


Let’s Start Planning!

We want to assist you with all of your catering or event planning needs. In order to do that, we ask that you give us some information to get started.

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