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Local Catering Services in Michigan

local catering services in Michigan

Whether you plan to host a grad party, work event or holiday banquet, or you suddenly find yourself faced with the need to feed dozens of people, professional and affordable catering services in Michigan can ensure that all of your guests’ needs and tastes are satisfied. Chef Raymone Catering has been feeding Michigan for nearly 30 years. We have earned a reputation for high-quality, affordable and friendly catering services. We specialize in a variety of styles and are equipped to host several types of events, ranging from private to corporate to charitable. Work with dependable caterers who can give you peace of mind that your guests will be well-fed and satisfied.

Our Varied Menu Offerings

As food aficionados, we understand that no two palettes are alike and that every type of event calls for a certain type of food. To cater to the varied needs of our customers, we never stop striving to learn new techniques and master new recipes. In the past three decades, we have expanded our offerings to include everything from traditional BBQ to luau, and from down-home breakfasts to custom salads. Some of our more popular catering menus are as follows:

  • BBQ Menu
  • Appetizer Menu
  • Breakfast Menu
  • Bereavement Menu
  • Luau Menu
  • Graduation Special

You can also order entrees and sides by the pan or elect to offer a food bar. The taco bar, Coney bar and pizza bar are just a few of our customers’ favorites. Our menus include flavorful dishes such as hot roast chicken, chicken piccata, oven roast turkey, baby back ribs, Caesar salad, creamy coleslaw and Kalua pork.

Made With the Freshest Ingredients

Chef Raymone Catering desires to bring quality in every bite, which we do by sourcing our ingredients from local farms and ranches. We love to support other Michigan companies, so when certain ingredients are in season, we make sure to design our catering menus and specialties around those elements. This commitment to quality and freshness ensures ample flavor in every bite. It is also why we have an extensive customer base that uses Chef Raymone for every one of their special events.

Ask About Our Banquet Hall

Catering services alone help to reduce the stress of hosting large groups of services, but at Chef Raymone Catering, we take our helpfulness one step further. If you dread the cleanup after a large party, or if your home or place of business is simply not big enough to host a large group of people, ask about our banquet hall. Our hall, which is located in the Washington Lions Banquet Center, is fully operational and ready for your next big event. It can seat up to 295 individuals comfortably and contains ample parking, a wooden dance floor and everything you need to keep your guests entertained.

Of course, we are also ready to cater your event. Just as when you utilize our off-site catering services, we will plan, prep and execute the entire meal on your behalf. Best of all, when all the guests leave and you’re too tired to move, we’ll send you on home and take care of the cleanup, ensuring a truly stress-free experience.

Contact Chef Raymone Catering

If you’re in need of catering services in Michigan, look no further than Chef Raymone Catering. Our services and products have a long-standing reputation for superiority and our level of service or quality never wavers regardless of how large or small an event may be. From large weddings to intimate baby showers, and corporate fundraisers to informal gatherings, we have seen and catered it all, and now we’re prepared to do it for you. Contact Chef Raymone today to schedule your next big event.

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