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How Far in Advance Should You Order Catering?

How Far in Advance Should You Order Catering


At Chef Raymone, our goal is to provide the best, most trusted, and most personalized catering services in Michigan. Consequently, ever since our founding nearly 30 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to giving our customers the personalized attention and superb food and service they want and need to make their events not only outstanding but also truly memorable.

One of the most frequent questions we encounter relates to advance ordering. We, therefore, thought it would be a good idea to give you some guidelines in that regard. Please understand, however, that we’re not trying to put more stress on you by providing this information. We know that the bigger and/or more important your upcoming event, the more stress you’re already under. Rather than adding to it, we believe our guidelines will help relieve your stress because you’ll be assured that we will have the time necessary to consult with you — probably several times — and take care of all the details that go into our part of making your event the morning, afternoon, evening, or all-day gala of your dreams.



If you’re planning a large wedding and reception, we recommend that you call us at least a year in advance of its date. Why? Because your wedding is one of the most important days, if not THE most important day, of your life. As Michigan’s premier catering company, we want to make sure we’re available on your chosen date. We also need to know that we have sufficient time to provide all the catering services you require. If yours will be a smaller wedding and reception, we’d still appreciate your engaging us at least six months ahead of time.



As you might expect, we here at Chef Raymone always receive extra orders around any and all holidays, but especially the major ones such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. If you want us to provide full catering services, we recommend that you call us no later than one month in advance just to make sure that we can give you everything you want. On the other hand, if you want us to provide the food only and you’ll pick it up from us, just give us a week’s notice.


Corporate Events

The number of attendees you expect at your corporate event determines how far in advance we’d appreciate your engaging us. For large events, we’d prefer at least one or two months’ notice. Conversely, we only need about a week to provide you the catering services you need, for example, for a corporate luncheon with only 10 or so attendees.


Small Parties

If you’re planning a small party, such as for a family member’s birthday, a Super Bowl party, a Kentucky Derby party, etc., that you’ll host in your own home, we’d appreciate your contacting us at least one week in advance.


Catering Costs

The amount of your catering costs will depend on the size of your event and the number of attendees you will have. We here at Chef Raymone are committed to providing the highest quality menu items at the most affordable costs. We also believe in supporting other Michigan companies, so we use their fresh meats, fish, and vegetables whenever possible.


Food Plus Venue

Keep in mind that Chef Raymone not only provides outstanding food, we also can host your event at our Washington Lions Banquet Center if you so desire. This venue can accommodate up to 295 people and includes a wooden dance floor, all tucked away in a delightfully quaint park setting. Naturally, we and our staff take care of all the details including setup and cleanup.

So call Chef Raymone at 586-465-0299, fax us at 586-465-7503, or email us at info@chefraymoneinc.com. We’ll be happy to consult with you as to your catering needs and desires and then help you come up with a sumptuous customized menu for whatever type of event you’re planning.


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