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5 Catering Ideas for Spring Banquets and Parties

How many parties and banquets have you been to through the years? There is a standard approach to catering services that may leave a little to be desired. However, spicing up an event doesn’t have to be complicated. Making changes to food selections or party atmosphere is always a possibility and a qualified caterer will do their best to help. For example, with the spring fast approaching, have you consider any spring specific dishes or drinks? Sometimes, choosing to highlight the season with catering is an excellent way to add a little interest to your event. Consider the following five spring catering ideas for your next event.


Coming out of the winter blues requires movement. Too many people have spent months bundled up and lounging around their houses just waiting for the spring to let them free. Therefore, don’t limit movement during your spring event. Selecting finger foods for appetizers is a great way to ensure socializing. To enhance that winter is over and spring is here, select fresh fruits and vegetables for starters or other cool bites. Essentially, choose hors d’oeuvres that do not force people to sit at a table with a bib. Encourage movement and excitement.


While warm drinks are the ideal choices for winter events, people want cool crisp refreshment in the spring. While there is a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options available for your specific event, you may want to try something new and related to the season. Ask your caterer about drinks that incorporate fruit and citrus or mint and lavender. Another excellent option to add to your event is lemonade.


For any dinner event, the entree is the primary concern, especially when it comes to catering costs. Choices typically range from seafood, beef, chicken and pasta, but vegetarian and vegan options are also quite popular these days. For spring events, you may want to look for lighter options that won’t leave your guest feeling weighed down or ready for slumber. However, you also don’t want to have your guests leaving the event hungry. Therefore, choose options that aren’t as heavy on creams and perhaps highlight fresh vegetables, acknowledging the new growing season.


Another great way to highlight the coming of spring is to have an event that highlights dessert with fresh fruits and berries. The winter often deprives people of the sweet, natural taste of fresh foods, but the spring reminds everyone how good nature can taste. However, beyond have raw fruit, you can also include fruit pastries, scones, pies, cookies and a number of other dishes that will help to highlight the fruit counterpart. Every spring event should have an assortment of fresh fruits for desserts, even as a topping or ingredient.


If you are really looking for ways to make your event unique, consider hosting a high tea – there is nothing more representative of spring. These gatherings are decorated with floral arrangements, and catering includes sandwiches, fresh salads, petite quiche, cream puffs, tarts, pastries and petite fours. These events are meant to be light and friendly, with the food acting as a complement to chatting and socializing among friends. These events are typically held in the afternoon, allowing participants to take full advantage of the spring sun and beauty.

If you are interested in hosting a spring event, then reach out to Chef Raymone, a local catering company. We are happy to help arrange a menu and beverage options to suit your needs and highlight the changing of the season. We are fully capable of designing menus for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike. Let us help make your event one to remember.

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