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5 Catering Ideas for Your Next Special Event

Are you looking for help with event catering? If so, you should work with a professional team that can help you. You need to make a good impression on your guests, and this means working with a team that can help you along the way. Take a look at a few important tips below, and remember to reach out to an expert who can help you formulate your next menu for your event!

Tips for Affordable Catering

Are you looking for a way to save money on your next catering event? If so, there are a few tips you should follow. These include:

  • The least expensive route when going with event catering is to select a rice or noodle dish that has its foundation in cultural cuisine.
  • Think carefully about the time of day of the event. This can significantly impact the price of your event. You may want to serve a lighter fare, which can help you save money.
  • The most expensive part of any meal is the meat. If you want to save money, see if you can pull off a vegetarian menu.
  • If you have a self-serve buffet, you may be able to save money. You can even include desserts and coffee is if you would like to save money on the event.

Just because you want to save money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the meal. Take a look at a few easy catering ideas that you could use for your next event.

5 Easy Catering Ideas

If you are looking for easy catering ideas, a few tips to consider include:

1. Breakfast

If you are looking for catering options for breakfast, you may want to go with a continental option if you’d like to save money. This could include donuts, muffins, and bagels. Then, if you are looking for a hot meal instead, you may want to go with something that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and tater tots. Then, you can scroll on a few optional additions, such as pancakes and French toast sticks.

2. Barbeque

If you want to put together a fun BBQ menu, there are plenty of options available. Of course, hot dogs and hamburgers are probably going to be the foundation of the meal. There are a few optional upgrades you may want to include. This could include barbecue chicken breast or baby back ribs. Then, for your sides, you may want to go with a tossed salad, some fresh fruit, some baked beans, and even some macaroni and cheese.

3. Pizza

If you want something straightforward and easy, you may want to go with pizza. If you have people who are gluten-free, you may be able to go with a gluten-free crust. Think about the toppings you can include. If you want to save money, cheese and pepperoni might be a good option. On the other hand, you could also include vegetables, sausage, and even pineapple on your pizza!

4. Appetizers

If you want to put together a catering menu with appetizers, there are plenty of options available. You may want to go with a few types of dip and chips to give people some options. You could even include some stuffed mushrooms, a salad dish, and even some finger sandwiches. If you want to get creative, you may want to go with some assorted Quiches, hummus, and even some Swedish meatballs.

5. Salad

If you want something easy, you might want to go with a salad bar. You can include mixed greens, a sort of toppings, and allow your guests to make their own salads. You can include a wide variety of vegetables, but you could also get creative. You may want to include some boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, and even some crunchy noodles. You can also include a few sides to complete the meal.

Work with Chef Raymone Catering

If you are looking for help with catering in Richmond, it would be our pleasure to assist you. At Chef Raymone Catering, we have the training and experience necessary to walk you through your event from start to finish. A member of our team will work with you personally, making sure that all of your needs are met. If you have questions or concerns about your catering menu, you should count on our professionals to assist you. If you want to learn more about our products and services, contact us today. We would love to help you formulate the perfect event for your next event.

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